FIP15G High-end Touch Screen IP Phone

FIP15G IP phone is a 10-line desktop IP phone with a 4.3-inch IPS touchable screen and HD voice quality. The FIP15G features dual Gigabit Ethernet ports, a USB port for extension functions, integrated Wi-Fi for network flexibility, and it supports PoE and up to 64 DSS keys.

IPS Touchable Screen, Intuitive Interaction

Equipped with a 4.3-inch 480 x 272px IPS screen, that enhances your viewing experience and the accessibility at your fingertips.

HD Voice Quality

Wideband G.722, Opus, AMR-WB and G.711WB are supported. With the HD voice solutions for handset and hands-free scenarios, you can have clear VoIP calls even in noisy places.

Unique Wi-Fi to LAN and AP Mode

The unique Wi-Fi to LAN bridge mode and Wi-Fi AP mode can reduce the cost of purchasing additional router and AP. Devices such as printers and PC can quickly share resources in the same local area network and are easy to manage.

Ergonomic, Modern Design

The handset design features a comfortable, soft-touch grip. The button desk has a realistic metallic appearance with the use of silver spray paint.

Rich Extension Functions for Flexible Scene

The built-in USB port allows you to use Bluetooth headset via Bluetooth USB dongle, and record calls onto a USB flash drive.

Multi-Angle Stand

The adjustable stand supports 30, 45 and 60 degree. You can adjust the phone up or down for the most comfortable height or angle.

Easy to Configure and Upgrade

With multiple auto-provisioning modes such as FTP, TFTP, HTTP, option66 and Flyingvoice’s FACS, FIP16Plus supports auto provisioning and can be managed centrally and remotely.