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Switch to 3CX and enjoy big savings on telco and travel costs. With one unified system, your team is able to work efficiently from anywhere at no extra cost. No need to purchase any add ons for web conferencing, mobile apps, live chat, business text messaging and Facebook integration – all is included in the annual cost. Your team will only need the one system to connect with colleagues and respond to customers through their preferred channel of communication. What’s more you get to choose your own SIP Trunk, end-points and operating system. Check out our yearly comparison for a 50 user system and see how much you too could save with 3CX.

Case Studies

From education, healthcare and hospitality to finance, government and retail; 3CX has helped businesses across all sectors to achieve significant benefits in a cost-effective and innovative way. By providing a flexible system that increases mobility and productivity, businesses are able to remain agile with an all-in-one solution that connects co-workers and delights customers. Below is a selection of 3CX testimonials that illustrate the experience and insights of some of our clients and partners, highlighting how 3CX has successfully helped them meet their communications needs.

Leading 3CX Customers

3CX has been selected by leading companies worldwide to meet their Unified Communications and telephony requirements. See what our customers are saying about 3CX Phone System by reading their testimonials and check out our case studies section which shows how businesses have leveraged 3CX to lower their telephony costs and increase their staff productivity and customer service.

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