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UCloud provides software and services that improve performance from the contact centre solution to the enterprise solution. Our solutions enable our clients to consistently deliver legendary customer experiences by improving agent effectiveness, contact-centre and enterprise performance

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Virtual queuing is a concept used in inbound call centres. Call centres use an Automatic Call Distributor (ACD) to distribute incoming calls to specific resources (agents) in the centre

uCloud Queue features include a myriad of functions like:


Routing by skills is a distribution strategy used in call centres to assign an incoming call to the most appropriate agent for the request. This is an enhancement over existing distribution systems. Routing can also be done by caller number or privileged agents.

The ACD will distribute the calls in a completely dynamic manner, taking into account variations in call flow and ensuring that a maximum number of incoming calls are handled without a total loss of response quality.

Upstream from the call distribution engine, uCloud can be used to route the incoming calls, based on the caller’s number, ensuring a pre-qualification


Hiring an excellent call centre agent is just as important as having the right call centre software.

Functionalities that help your agents do their job more efficiently include:

Reporting and ACD Wallboards

STATS is the interface developed by uCloud to ensure real-time monitoring of the IP PBX and, in particular, its ACD activity.

STATS offers call centre supervisors and agents real-time graphic interfaces for monitoring the call panel activity.

The supervisor can also use action buttons to act on the status of the agents he supervises. In this way, he can force each of his agents to connect, disconnect and pause.

STATS Features

ACD Features

In addition to the real-time supervision tools, uCloud also includes a reporting engine that delivers an entire series of statistics on the use of the ACD and the queues.

uCloud ACD includes an extensive reporting engine (STATS) that delivers an entire series of statistical data on the communication solution including CDR, ACD, FAX, IVR and Real-Time reporting options.