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Why you should switch to softphones

Softphones save you money

Deskphone systems can be extremely expensive systems to implement with costs rising to several thousand rands per seat and require continual maintenance. Softphones, in contrast, require no additional hardware and installation can be done in as little as a few minutes. Furthermore, the efficiency gains of a well implemented softphone system can produce some impressive ROIs. When switching to softphones, businesses can save up to 40%!

Softphones save you time

Softphones are quicker and easier to get up and running. With a softphone, there’s no need for the lengthy installation process of individual deskphones. They don’t need involvement from IT technicians, they don’t need any downtime, in fact you don’t even need to install any software. All you need to do is log on to your softphone provider’s web or mobile application and start calling!

Softphones are more accessible

With a softphone system, every device in your business can become a part of that system. Softphones are more convenient and functional than a deskphone.

Increased portability

A study by Software Advice showed that 74% of employees who have access to softphones, spent half or more of their working week using a softphone to work away from the office. Softphones allow for mobile communication, so that your business can operate on the go. This makes softphones the better option for employees who travel, work from home, or even for moving around the office if one area is too noisy! 

Softphones are more practical

Cutting out the bulky deskphone also cuts out the mess that comes with it – ethernet wires, jumbled cords, and cluttered workspaces. Softphones streamline not only the physical workplace environment, but also your multimedia communications system, with smarter technology to integrate your communications. Along with the environmental impact of cutting down on hardware, a softphone system can help to keep everything organised, increasing office productivity.

Upgraded user-friendly interface

A softphone’s interactive user interface adds many additional features that a deskphone lacks. A computer or phone screen is so much easier to interact with than a small display: voicemails are listed visually rather than needing to dial up a number, calls can be transferred to colleagues simply by clicking a button, and the larger screen size makes notifications more noticeable, so you never miss a call. According to Software Advice, the majority of employees are more comfortable with using softphones as opposed to traditional deskphones. This makes switching to the cheaper, more flexible option a no-brainer!

Added video and messaging features

Since softphones work on devices commonly used for video calls and chat messaging, these two areas in particular outshine attempts made by their deskphone counterparts. Improved video calling and chat messaging makes softphones the more versatile and advanced option. There is no need to purchase additional expensive video conferencing and messaging systems, softphone systems are completely omnichannel optimised.